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"Everybody lives by selling something." - Robert Louis Stevenson

At George Wakefield Foods Inc. we understand how important it is to get products on to retail shelf space for consumers to purchase.  This is why we offer a comprehensive distribution and sales model that no one else in our industry can. 

No matter what stage your company begins to participate in the distribution chain, we can help! 


3PL - Third Party Logistics

When you require your products to be shipped across Canada in full loads or Less Than Load (LTL).  We provide dual temp transportation for all your refrigerated and deep frozen needs.


Finding affordable refrigerated and deep frozen storage can be a challenge.  We have facilities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan at competitive prices.

Order Fulfillment (Pick and Pack)

When an order is placed for your product, we fulfill the order, create the invoice and ship it to your customer.  Lead times start at 12 - 48 hours.  

Direct to Store Distribution (DSD)

We deliver your products direct to your customer!  This ensures that the highest level of customer service is maintained at all times.  Your products are treated as our products, and we represent them with pride.  


Our staff is trained in planogram implementation, display set up and shopper marketing.  Let us know what we can do to help your brand get more exposure!

In Store Sales Support

Once your product becomes part of our portfolio, it becomes visible to over 2,500 of our independent retailer base.  We will present your products to all of our customers during every sales call.  


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